Blue Mallow

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Colourful Medicinal Herbal Tea

Mallow is both a beautiful wild flower and a strong medicinal herb found throughout Western Europe, Asia, the US, Canada and Australia. The mallow flower can vary in colour from blue to purple and they have a mild floral aroma and a sweet citrus like flavour.



Health Benefits

Remedy for Cold and Asthma
Blue Mallow Tea has been recognised as an efficient remedy for colds, asthma, chest infection and bronchial inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduces inflammation in the throat, calms throat irritations and relieves dry cough.

Relieves Constipation
Blue Mallow contains polysaccharide mucilages that helps to reduce gastric acidity which causes stomach discomfort. It also relieves constipation, irritable stomach, and intestinal cramps. Blue Mallow is also considered a mild laxative plant and is used in a variety of dietary supplements to relax and calm the stomach.

Blue Mallow is rich in components that fight free radicals that damages our skin cells and cause wrinkles. Blue Mallow also contains Vitamin A that gives the skin a radiant and youthful look.


Making that perfect cup of Blue Mallow Tea

1 teaspoon Blue Mallow

Add 200ml hot water

Cover & steep 3-5 minutes

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Ready to serve

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