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The Immortality Herb

Gynostemma tea is an herbal tea brewed from the dried leaves of the Gynostemma pentaphyllum plant, which is commonly known as ‘poor man’s ginseng’. This tea is revered as the anti-aging, longevity drink in Japan. It is widely sought after because of its unique nutrient composition, which includes certain adaptogens and antioxidants that can increase the levels of energy and endurance in the body.


Health Benefits

Lowers Blood Pressure
Gynostemma tea helps to normalize blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves cardiac function and reduce incidences of cardiovascular diseases, like atherosclerosis.

Maintains Blood Sugar Level
Gynostemma tea helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels and remove harmful blood fat. This improves the body’s metabolic function.

The gypenosides and polysaccharides in gynostemma tea possesses antioxidant effects that can help prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage as well as protect against chronic inflammation.

Making that perfect cup of Gynostemma Tea

1 teaspoon Gynostemma

Add 200ml hot water

Cover & steep 3-5 minutes

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